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    [= BERGAMO === FILM ===== MEETING == 2018 ==== JONAS === MEKAS ==]

    Palazzo della Ragione, Città Alta – Bergamo
    Opening: Friday 9th March 2018, h. 6.30pm
    10 March – 15 April 2018


    March 9: 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm
    March 10 – April 15: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm

    March 19, 20, 26, 27 – April 2, 3, 9, 10

    Cinema San Marco
    Piazzale della Repubblica 2, Bergamo
    Saturday 10 March, h. 3.30 pm



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    On the occasion of the 36th edition of the Festival, The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting dedicate the section “Incontri: Cinema e Arte Contemporanea” to Jonas Mekas (Lithuania, 1922), poet, artist and director, founder of the New American Cinema Group and creator of the Anthology Film Archive.
    The artist will be the protagonist of “Jonas Mekas – Personale“, promoted by the City of Bergamo and organized by The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting.
    Sebastian Mekas, son of Jonas, will meet the audience of the Festival at Cinema San Marco on Saturday 10th March at 3.30 pm after the projection of “Outtakes” (2012) and the documentary film “The Internet Saga, Jonas Mekas” (2015) and will bring a special message from Jonas.

    The exhibition “Jonas Mekas – Personale”, curated by Stefano Raimondi and Claudia Santeroni, sees the transformation of the exhibition environment into a place where, thanks to an engaging set-up, some of the artist’s most significant films coexist with images of a more cinematic nature.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is realized in the renovated venue of Palazzo della Ragione: the exhibition compares itself with the historical building and exploits its new exhibition possibilities, specially designed for this place.

    The exhibition aims to present the complexity of the means of expression chosen by Jonas Mekas, a versatile artist with eclectic interests. The double screening of the video “Seasons” (2017) dominates the room: a video composed of fragments of his entire cinematographic production.
    The frames taken from the artist’s video works, impressed on the glass plates, belong to the series “In an Instant It All Came Back to me”, while the photographs of “Birth of a Nation” are extracts from his famous 1997 film of the same name. The photographic section is completed by “To New York with Love”, the series of images dedicated to the city that has been the stage of Mekas’ work.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is permeated by a track composed by the artist, which acts as a background to the entire exhibition: the musical aspect has been maintained in relation to the artist’s history, that reminds how the singing has always been part of his life since his childhood. To conclude the exhibition, an island dedicated to the publications by Mekas, freely available to the public to offer a unique opportunity to enter the artist’s collection, including “My Night Life” where the artist, faithful to his biographical style, narrates his dreams made between 1978 and 1979, asking his friend Auguste to illustrate them.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is promoted by the City of BergamoBergamo Film Meeting and The Blank and it is made possible thanks to the indispensable support of A Palazzo Gallery (Brescia), Francesco Urbano Ragazzi and Studio Luca Bombassei.

    [=== BERGAMO === FILM == MEETING ==== 2017 ====== FRANCO == VACCARI ===]



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    On the occasion of the 35th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting, inaugurated the second retrospective of ENCOUNTERS: CINEMA AND CONTEMPORARY ART, two events dedicated to the relationship between art and film, organized thanks to the collaboration between The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting.

    The leading figure is Franco Vaccari (Modena, 1936), one of the most significant and important interpreters of the languages of contemporary art. During his career Franco Vaccari has pursued with great consistency, a work that is now extraordinarily relevant and inspiring for new generations, who recognize the value of his contribution and influence of his research.

    The artist paied homage to the city of Bergamo with the unreleased video environmental installation Esposizione in tempo reale N.45 at the Sala alla Porta Sant’Agostino and placing outside Il Mendicante Elettronico.

    On Saturday, 11 March, at the Cinema San Marco, over forty years of research were examined through the projection of a selection of videos.

    In Esposizione in tempo reale N.45 the video Buona Notte, showing a hearth with a fire, as it is consumed and crackles, is overlaid on the image of Alessandro Magnasco’s painting Lo scaldatoio di una frateria, dated 1725/1730. The projection of the fire enters into the pictorial composition, breathing life into it.

    For Esposizione in tempo reale N.45, continuing research based on involvement and sharing, Vaccari invited several Bergamo artists to create beds in front of the projection, shelters in which to rest and dream, developed according to the artists’ respective languages and poetics.
    The artists made ten new sculptures/beds, specifically designed to dialogue with the video Buona Notte. These dream-like installations will fit into the setting of Porta Sant’Agostino, built between 1561 and 1575, and the historic road leading to Bergamo’s Upper City.
    The artists involved in creating the beds are Davide Allieri, Cinzia Benigni, Filippo Berta, DZT collective, Oscar Giaconia, Daniele Maffeis, Andrea Mastrovito, Giovanni Oberti, Francesco Pedrini, Maria Francesca Tassi.

    Outside Porta Sant’Agostino there is Il Mendicante Elettronico, a video installation from 1973. On a cathode ray tube the words “Der blinde kommtgleich” (the blind man will be right back) appears on the screen, overlaying the image of a hamster in a hat. With the operation of replacing the flesh-and-blood beggar with a television set, Vaccari disorients the spectator and highlights the power of the media and the artistic gesture.

    1966–67, Nei Sotterranei, 8 mm transferred to 16 mm and digital format, b/w, 6’56’’
    1971, Cani lenti, 8 mm transferred to 16mm and digital format, b/w and colour, soundtrack by Pink Floyd, 8’38’’
    2000, La via Emilia è un aeroporto, VHS, colour, soundtrack, 14’30’’
    2003, Provvista di ricordi per il tempo dell’Alzheimer, video from photographic material, 21’57’’

    The collaboration with Franco Vaccari has been possible thanks to the fundamental support of Galleria P420 in Bologna.

    [= BERGAMO === FILM = MEETING === 2016 ===== DEIMANTAS === NARKEVIČIUS ======= KEREN === CYTTER ==]


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    The Blank, during Bergamo Film Meeting 2016, presents:

    Books on Shelves and Without Letters – Deimantas Narkevičius | 4th – 31th March 2016

    Presentation of the environmental video installation Books on Shelves and Without Letters, by the Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevičius.
    The concert of the young band Without Letters in a second hand book shop in Vilnius blends the mythical reality of music with different stories that live in the books on shelves.

    Retrospective- Keren Cytter | 5th – 31th March 2016

    Keren Cytter’s films destroy modern principles of cinema, searching for a balance between performance and theater. The artist plays with real notions and fiction, involving non-professional actors and cameramen. Her filmic representation adds a surrealist touch to existential concerns such as love, hatred and the human condition giving both a dark and comic reflection of the contemporary society.
    Israeli artist’s retrospective is projected in the Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà.

    Duration: 9’19”

    Experimental Film
    Duration: 6’01”

    Rose Garden
    Duration: 8’55”

    Duration: 8’00”

    Duration: 14’35”

    Les ruissellements du diable
    Duration: 10’46”

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