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    Encounters: Cinema & Contemporary Art
    Encounters: Cinema & Contemporary Art
    [=== Encounters === Cinema ==== Contemporary === Art ===]

    Cinema and Contemporary Art are mixed with each other during the most important film festival of the city of Bergamo: Bergamo Film Meeting. Every year, in March, it is showed an exhibition of international artists that uses the animated image as characteristic of their artistic researches.

    The artists presented during the film festival are:

    2022 | Ugo Nespolo

    2021 | talks with Luca Bigazzi, Deborah Donadio, Gian Maria Tosatti and Lorenzo Quagliozzi

    2019 | Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg

    2018 | Jonas Mekas

    2017 | Franco Vaccari

    2016 | Deimantas Narkevicius e Keren Cytter

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    Encounters: Cinema & Contemporary Art