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    TB Residency
    TB Residency
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    In 2011 The Blank initiated a program of artist residencies: The Blank Residency. The idea fits perfectly with the association’s aims of spreading and widening passion and curiosity for contemporary art and its concept of network among institutions (museums, art academies, galleries, not-for-profit spaces) and people. The residency program’s goal is to structure different projects, both by invitation and by open call, in order to provide hospitality and a place to Italian and international artists and contemporary art theoreticians over a medium-to-long term. To them, The Blank is offering them accommodation and connections to develop artistic research, both practical and theoretical, with the aim of facilitating ideas, creating experiences exchange and of offering a professional development. Another goal of The Blank Residency is to create an international network of residencies, which supports the networking of artists of all nationalities.

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    TB Residency