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    Orso d'Acqua
    Orso d'Acqua
    [== ORSO D'ACQUA ==]

    from a desire by Claudia Santeroni

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    resistance in the face of fading imagination


    “Keeping a public in mind means living in lies”
    Milan Kundera


    ORSO D’ACQUA is an experiment which sets out to subvert the conventional wisdom of communication strategies.

    It’s a publishing project entirely unshackled from any form of contingency.

    It is published only once a year, on 31 December.

    It has no advertising.

    It receives no form of financial return from its subject matter.

    It exclusively features text contributions with no imagery: interviews, reflections, critical articles on solo shows, group exhibitions, performances, videos, fairs, contemporary art and culture events that don’t need to be further publicised before or during the event, but rather time to be mulled over with hindsight.

    ORSO D’ACQUA is a highly passionate and non-neutral form of defence and reaction.

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    Orso d'Acqua