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    LISten Project
    LISten Project
    [=== LISten == Project ==]

    LISten Project is the new project by The Blank Educational aimed at increasing accessibility and inclusion of deaf people to the cultural program of The Blank and to the artistic heritage.

    The Blank Educational LISten Project selected through an open call 9 deaf and hard hearing people with language skills in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and in Italian to start a training course related to art and cultural mediation.

    The project originates from the perception that visual art, often difficult to understand even for those who have every source of information, is even harder to reach for deaf people who use LIS since they were born. This form of exclusion also determines the complexity of starting a professional path in the arts field. Considering several researches on the audience engagement and development, The Blank Educational LISten Project experiments a strategy for enhancing and mediating the contemporary artistic heritage, capable at the same time of stimulating the participation and inclusion of deaf audience.

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    LISten Project