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    Founded in 2010, The Blank has become the the most established Italian contemporary art networks.

    The Blank works in order to connect institutions, museums, companies, the public, collectors and artists through various projects of significant artistic and cultural value. The Blank is a network that coordinates public and private initiatives, aming to promote and enhance Contemporary Art.
    The activity of The Blank contributes to the social growth of the community with which it dialogues, encourages the growth and development of the public through exhibitions, publications, educational projects, residencies and international exchanges.

    Our main projects include:
    The Blank ArtDate, the European festival of Contemporary Art
    The Blank Residency, the artist residency program that offers hospitality to artists and researchers of Contemporary Art
    The Blank Educational, the programme specially designed for secondary school students

    The Blank is a space for research, education and sharing open to the most innovative languages of the contemporary.

    The Blank is an empty space to fill.

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