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    [= ARTDATE ===== 2018 == FREQUENZE === FREQUENCIES =]

    On ​Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May, Bergamo hosts the eighth edition of The Blank ArtDate, ​the ​contemporary art festival recognized by the European platform EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe for its artistic quality, the involvement of the local community and the European and global reach.

    With over 30 events, 45 artists and 5 institutions involved, the event is confirmed as a reference point and an unmissable appointment not only for contemporary art lovers but for all those who, in a participatory and collaborative dimension, take part in the scheduled events.

    The Blank ArtDate offers a renewed appointment focusing mainly on artists who use in their practice artistic forms and means of expression such as audio, video, performance and talk.

    The preference for intangible and ephemeral interventions, which are consumed at the same time in which they are implemented – as can be a vision, a listening, a conversation or a performative event – marks the event under the heading of FREQUENCIES​,​ that refers to the number of times in which an event is repeated in its temporal dimension, to the rhythm of an event, to the perception of its movement, to ​the ​participation in an activity.

    All the meanings according to which this word can be declined combine to represent the new edition of The Blank ArtDate.

    In the era of streaming, on-demand and image sharing, the f​eature that characterizes The Blank ArtDate 2018 is the unavoidability of the participation of the user in a specific place and at a precise moment. The non-repetitiveness of the performances and the non-materiality of the sound and video works impose the physical presence of the body of the assistants so that they can be intercepted, coded, decoded and then transmitted again and ​narrated.

    A major innovation is the participation of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, an operational and symbolic place of great importance for the entire community.

    [== ARTDATE == 2017 === SACRO === SAGRA =]
    05.26.17 - 05.28.17

    [== FULL PROGRAM ==]

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    On Friday 26, Saturday 27, Sunday 28 May, Bergamo hosts the seventh edition of The Blank ArtDate.

    The Blank ArtDate reinvents itself proposing a completely original format with more than forty events between exhibitions, conferences, special projects, educational workshops and extraordinary openings of major places in town.

    The Blank ArtDate reflects on the theme of the Holy, reinterpreting rituals and gestures able to unite people in a common spirit. Taking as reference the ancient sagre – from the Latin sacrum – that were moments of communion between men and the holy, The Blank ArtDate asks numerous artists to reinterpret this fundamental subject through their contemporary artistic practice connecting tradition and modernity. The reflection on folk rituals is intertwined with the interpretation of the holy, considered as an experience inextricably linked to the effort made by humans in order to build a word endowed with meaning.

    [= ARTDATE = 2016 == La = Citta' == dei == Destini === Incrociati =]
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    The sixth edition of ArtDate took place on 13 14 15 May 2016.
    Unlike the previous editions, marked by a general theme by which the various participants were inspired – while maintaining complete independence in planning – ArtDate 2016 is characterized by the creation of a narrative journey between an exhibition space and another. The lowest common denominator is The Castle of Crossed Destinies, short fantasy novel by Italo Calvino published in 1969 in the book “Tarot – the Visconti’s deck between Bergamo and New York”. The narrative is accompanied by reproductions of Tarot cards in various combinations from which the writer brings forth different tales. It is a work of combinatorial literature. The deck of cards is of great historical and artistic interest, both for the beauty of the precious illustrations and because, in some cases, is believed to portray members of the families Visconti – Sforza. The Colleoni – Baglioni deck dates back to 1451 and was originally made of 78 cards, of which 74 are remained: 35 are at the Pierpont – Morgan Library in New York, 26 at the Accademia Carrara and 13 are part of the private Colleoni collection in Bergamo. During ArtDate the tarot cards are associated with various exhibition spaces and, respectively, with works of contemporary art related to these cards. This engenders a progressive journey across institutions, project spaces, galleries and exhibition spaces participating in the sixth edition of ArtDate, to form a great expanded exhibition over the territory of the city.


    Italo Calvino invented the stories of Il castello dei destini incrociati juxtaposing the cards and using them as a narrative combinatorial machine:

    The Blank proposes to the public a LITERARY CONTEST, inviting to write a short story inspired by the succession of the exhibition spaces visited during ArtDate.

    The works can serve as inspiration, but also the tarot cards associated with the places, as well as the history of the deck of cards or the experience and production of contemporary artists.

    PLAY ArtDate 2015
    [=== PLAY === ArtDate === 2015 ==]

    15  11295684_859455680768849_3861896724341048561_n11229781_858486784199072_8933667390266559849_n PLAY WITH ME! Eva Marisaldi

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    The fifth edition of ArtDate takes place during the weekend of 15, 16, 17 May 2015.
    Through PLAY ArtDate you can visit artists’ studios, attend openings of museums, galleries, foundations and project spaces of the territory, visit private collections exceptionally open to the public, take part in free guided tours at historic city places in more than 40 events.
    The Blank, with its network, transforms the city into an experiential, surprising and unique space of dialogue with the surrounding environment. Keyword and objective of PLAY ArtDate is “experience”, in order to develop interest, depth, knowledge, awareness, through a crescendo of proposals.
    All the exhibitions at the network members and the initiatives proposed by The Blank become circuit, developing a connection with each other through music: Andrea Mastrovito has selected the tracks that will feature ArtDate, becoming a symbol and vehicle of metaphorical meanings, intangible messages, memories and ideals.

    ArtDate 2014 DIALOGO NEL TEMPO
    [= ArtDate == 2014 === DIALOGO == NEL = TEMPO ===]

    1549372_690702384310847_5232411282039878008_n 10309172_690698500977902_9221293009206500534_n 10408642_690700754311010_4831733886607972648_n

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    Now in its fourth edition, ArtDate is a unique opportunity to discover the city of Bergamo and its territory through contemporary art.
    The Blank devotes ArtDate 2014 – Dialogo nel Tempo to the relationship between contemporary art and ancient art, as a tribute to the reopening of the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo .
    Two pieces of news for this edition of ArtDate 2014: Open Factory – visits to business realities who are dedicated to art and culture – and Once Upon a Time – itineraries around the symbolic historic sites of Lombard art in the city of Bergamo and surroundings. For ArtDate 2014, The Blank has enhanced the interaction with the territory through initiatives that testify the local attention to the art world with a full program of inaugurations, performances and workshops opened to the public.

    ARTDATE 2013
    [=== ARTDATE == 2013 ===]

    941151_522151154499305_1825444068_n 970602_522136661167421_1327331740_n 971105_522157491165338_1705984204_n 984318_522142004500220_933166222_n

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    On Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May, The Blank organizes the third edition of ArtDate, the annual event dedicated to contemporary art, able to open the doors of an entire city to Contemporary.
    All members of The Blank network participate actively through the organization of openings, lectures, guided tours and special events through the most significant places of Bergamo.
    In addition to the renewed passport of art, The Blank gives life to the project The Blank Board, a window to know artists in their studios, through a series of dedicated interviews, during the days of ArtDate.

    ARTDATE 2012
    [= ARTDATE === 2012 =]

    223889_382540305127058_61097355_n 550477_378610395520049_912467426_n 575907_382540261793729_1043292512_n TB-logo (1)

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    The second edition of ArtDate is articulated in several days – Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June 2012 – to increase the value of individual events and involve different audiences, thanks to the moltiplication of opening times and events.
    For the occasion, The Blank has produced a passport of art that, in addition to the day’s program, has a number of pages that can be marked with the “art stamp”. Each member taking part in the event has worked with an artist to create an artistic stamp. During the days of ArtDate, participation to the events and visits to the places allow visitors to stamp their passport, that becomes a true artwork.
    During the three days, public is also given the opportunity to visit private collections and artists’ studios, to understand and investigate the most hidden art sides: the private one of collectors and the intimate one of artistic creation.

    ARTDATE 2011
    [=== ARTDATE ==== 2011 =]

    227435_187079918006432_3106281_n  222865_187079761339781_4340230_n 228657_187080124673078_1599503_n 227492_187080864673004_1157024_n

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    Saturday 14 May 2011 The Blank organizes the first edition of ArtDate, an appointment with art which allows people to discover and deepen artistic places and events in the city of Bergamo.
    The network members of The Blank promote art with a series of openings, lectures, guided tours and special events. To support the initiative, a “map of art” was printed, including the day’s program, which traces a real journey of art and shares it with a specialized and widened audience.
    ArtDate is the opportunity to discover in one day the most significant aspects of art in Bergamo, within a specific geographical location, able to reach an international value through the centuries.

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    08.20 – 13.20

    14.40 –  16.10

    UBI Banca Popolare di Bergamo
    P.zza Vittorio Veneto, 8 (BG)

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    This is a The Blank ArtDate event, curated by Enrico De Pascale.


    h 10.30 am

    Casa Suardi
    P.zza Vecchia – Città Alta (BG)

        [== LINK ==]

    Paolo Fabbri is the semiotician that with his speech ” The tarot card story and the language of the emblems ” to interna – tional Seminar on the narrative structures , inspired by Italo Calvino for the drafting of ” The Castle of Crossed Destinies” .

    Presentation of the catalog
    Presentation of the catalog

    Curated by Valentina Gervasoni, Stefano Raimondi, Mauro Zanchi

    Ore 15.30

    BACO – Base Arte Contemporanea
    Palazzo della Misericordia, via Arena, 9 – Città Alta (BG)

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    Presentation of the catalog on the exhibition cycle dedicated to the three international artists involved in a process of experimentation geared toward the investigation of new contemporary abstract pictorial codes .

    © THE BLANK 2020
    ARTDATE 2011