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    PLAY ArtDate 2015
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    The fifth edition of ArtDate takes place during the weekend of 15, 16, 17 May 2015.
    Through PLAY ArtDate you can visit artists’ studios, attend openings of museums, galleries, foundations and project spaces of the territory, visit private collections exceptionally open to the public, take part in free guided tours at historic city places in more than 40 events.
    The Blank, with its network, transforms the city into an experiential, surprising and unique space of dialogue with the surrounding environment. Keyword and objective of PLAY ArtDate is “experience”, in order to develop interest, depth, knowledge, awareness, through a crescendo of proposals.
    All the exhibitions at the network members and the initiatives proposed by The Blank become circuit, developing a connection with each other through music: Andrea Mastrovito has selected the tracks that will feature ArtDate, becoming a symbol and vehicle of metaphorical meanings, intangible messages, memories and ideals.

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