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    ARTDATE 2022
    ARTDATE 2022
    [=== ARTDATE === 2022 ==]

    Contemporary Art Festival
    12th edition
    10 11 12 13 November

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    CORPO LIBERO is the theme of ArtDate 2022, the contemporary art festival taking place in Bergamo from 10 to 13 November.
    It is a large reflection on what it means, assuming it is today or has ever been possible, to have a free body.
    The rediscovered proximity after the years of pandemic and social distancing, the spectre of war in Europe, but also an analysis of how obsessive the attention around the body has become: a body-produced, which lives much more but endures much less, a body-political, the idea of beauty as a form of identity, a body-slave to the dictates of fashion in order to be looked at and desired, a body-constructed, transfigured, a body-exposed, a body-image.
    A body that is confronted with the progressive fading of the idea of immortality, declining salvation in health by making use of contemporary rituals such as diets, physical exercises, intermittent fasting, beauty treatments.
    These are the topics that are raised in the events of the 12th edition of ArtDate, through exhibitions, talks, performances, lectures and projections.

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