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    Luogo_e is a not only-space-exhibition, operating in Bergamo, in via Pignolo 116, since November 2017. Since 2019 it has been constituted as a non-profit cultural association for contemporary art. The exhibition program of luogo_e is composed by collective thematic exhibitions, which arise from the a book reading, in line with the tradition handed down by Ars Arte+Libri, historical art bookshop who preceded luogo-e to its location in the Bergamo area. Each exhibition adopts a well-established format, in which works by emerging visual artists are flanked by the work of a contemporary artist already historicized, to a non-contemporary work and a literary work. For each exhibition place_and proposes various events such as lectures, book presentations and musical research, film forums and public readings. The site of luogo_e, www.luogoe.com , is a platform for discussion and artistic and literary critical sharing, artistic and literary.


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