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    Project Space
    [== VAKU ==== PROJECT == SPACE ==]

    Interno 13 was founded in 2015 in Bergamo on the initiative of Alberto Ceresoli and established itself as a social promotion association, an autonomous, pluralist, non-partisan and progressive association life center.

    At the beginning of the year 2017 the Association won the “Beni Comuni” competition promoted by the Municipality of Bergamo with the aim of activating collaborations by active citizens, formed in the Association, for the care, shared management and regeneration of the Common Goods urban. With Vaku Project Space the organization is engaged in a process of regeneration of the spaces in Via San Lorenzo 12 Città Alta (BG), now the operational headquarters of the Association: center for experimentation and multidisciplinary artistic production, place for aesthetic experience, social, cultural and expression of an idea of ​​territorial youth leadership.

    The editorial staff of bludiprussia.org l Contemporary Art Magazineis established in 2017 with the management of the organization.

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