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    bergamo film meeting
    [ == BERGAMO === FILM == MEETING ==]

    Via Pignolo, 123, Bergamo

    Tel. +39 035 363087

    Fax +39 035 341255



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    Bergamo Film Meeting is a cultural association that, since 1983, organizes the eponymous event: a film festival during which films of national and international cinema are shown, a competition of featured films is organized as well as retrospectives, premieres, tributes to great authors, documentaries, recent works, unpublished works by emerging authors, masterpieces of the history of cinema, exhibitions, installations, showings for schools, animated films, workshops, master classes and meetings with authors.
    Bergamo Film Meeting promotes the distribution of films and documentaries of national and international production within the Italian cultural circuit. It supports the diffusion of restored copies of classics of film history and organizes film festivals, events, courses, workshops and publications throughout the year.

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