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    TB Benefit
    TB Benefit
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    The Blank Benefit is an annual event that supports the activities of the association and its network. At first it had involved artists who took part in The Blank annual activities, but soon it has become an independent and recognizable event. A guest artist is in charge of creating an artwork especially made for the occasion, and its purchase allows to partecipate to the Benefit Dinner, always sited in a prestigious frame.

    The donations of the event are aimed to support the activities of The Blank’s network.

    TB BENEFIT 2014 - ANDREA MASTROVITO | 12.12.14
    [= TB == BENEFIT ==== 2014 === ANDREA == MASTROVITO =]

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    The Blank Benefit 2014, 12 December
    Guest Artist: Andrea Mastrovito
    evening hosted by Cristina Rodeschini

    Artists who have donated:
    David Adamo, Salvatore Arancio, Christian Fogarolli, Oscar Giaconia, Jan Kaesbach, Daniele Maffeis, Jacopo Miliani, Mladen Miljanovic, Gianni Politi, Luigi Presicce, Agne Raceviciute, Vincenzo Simone.

    TB BENEFIT 2013
    [= TB ===== BENEFIT = 2013 =]

    988792_613382252042861_1205225390_n 1470170_613386475375772_463933905_n 1470312_613383998709353_225388658_n 1470312_613384012042685_877264825_n

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    The Blank Benefit 2013, 7 December
    Evening organized at The Blank Residency

    Artists who have donated:
    Alis / Filliol, Davide Allieri, Francesco Arena, Riccardo Beretta, Filippo Berta, Simone Berti, Mariella Bettineschi, Davide Casari, Emma Ciceri, Cuoghi Corsello, Mario Cresci, Giovanni De Lazzari, Cécile B. Evans, Ettore Favini, Arianna Ferrari, Ferrario Freres, Pasquale Gadaleta, Oscar Giaconia, Marco Grimaldi, Miguel Guzmàn Pastor, Adelita Husni-Bey, Alex Martinis Roe, Andrea Mastrovito, Francesco Pedrini, Alexandros Pissourios, Grayson Revoir, Andrea Romano, Giuseppe Stampone, Maria Francesca Tassi, Gian Maria Tosatti.

    [=== TB == BENEFIT === 2016 ===== RICCARDO === BERETTA =]

    To view and reserve the artwork:
    ph. +39 035 19903477
    cell. +39 328 4179207
    via Giacomo Quarenghi, 50 – 24122 Bergamo

    h. 8.00 PM
    Spazio ALT – Arte Contemporanea
    Alzano Lombardo


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    The Blank Benefit is an annual meeting organized in order to support the association’s network activities, an evening of reunion for art and contemporary culture lovers.

    In occasion of the next celebrations for the bicentenary of the death of Giacomo Quarenghi, The Blank has realized an important collaboration with Riccardo Beretta, a young Italian artist whose works are already well-known on the international artistic scenario.

    The artist has realized for The Blank Benefit 2016 fifty small velvet and hand embroidered tapestries, of size 33×33 cm, each of them has been created as an unique piece thanks to a pictorial intervention and to a manual making process, available for the supporters of the association and for the lovers of contemporary art.

    Each tapestry can be purchased with a minimum donation of 350 EUR, that gives also access for two people to the Benefit Dinner, which will take place on Thursday 15th December, in the frame of Spazio ALT.

    The original artworks will be presented in occasion of BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera (26th – 28th November 2016) at The Blank booth.

    The Benefit dinner will also host a musical performance of a harpsichordist and a repertoire of musical pieces referable to the historical period of Quarenghi will be played.

    [= THE ===== BLANK == BENEFIT === 2015 === STEFANO ===== ARIENTI ==]

    The Blank Benefit 2015 – Stefano Arienti

    Annual Benefit Dinner
    Friday, 11 December
    Museo ALT Arte Contemporanea

    To view and reserve:  associazione@theblank.it
    ph. +39 035 19903477

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    The Blank Benefit is the annual benefit dinner to support the association activities.
    To celebrate its  fifth anniversary , The Blank begins an important collaboration with Stefano Arienti. Thanks to his generosity was possible the creation of an original work made by 48 unique pieces, signed and numbered.
    Every work is one piece of a bigger image that will be recomposed during the 11st December dinner party in the frame of the Museum ALT of Alzano with the presence of the artist.

    The work (48×48 cm) reworks the famous series of posters realized in 1989 by the artist with pieces of puzzle. This work will be presented during BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera at The Blank stand.

    It is possible to preview the works sending an email at associazione@theblank.it

    The acquisition,  through donation, gives the access for two people at the 11st December benefit dinner at Museum ALT.


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