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    Viamoronisedici Spazioarte
    [=== Viamoronisedici === Spazioarte =]

    Via Moroni, 16 24121
    ph. +39 347 2415297
    tue – sat 4.00 – 7.30 pm | sunday and monday by appointment
    FOUNDED IN 2008
    DIRECTED BY Maria Beatrice Bonzani

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    Viamoronisedici Spazioarte isn’t simply an exhibition space, it comes from the project of investigating the fields of meeting/comparison among the works of long-experienced artists and young emerging artists. The aim of this project is to restore the abundance of dialog among different visions of the world and the astonishment of discovering common paths.
    The background question is: who is really the “young artist”?
    Viamoronisedici project invites to catch the contemporary art short circuit hidden behind the ambiguity of the expression “young artist”, that sometimes can sound as a slogan, restricted for the work of some artists of the last artistic generations. Otherwise that expression invites you to question how does an artist arrive to conquer the coolness and freedom of being really “young” after a long creative itinerary.

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