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    Vanna Casati Studio
    [= Vanna = Casati === Studio ===]

    Via Borgo Palazzo, 42 24125 Bergamo
    ph. +39 035 222333
    mon-fri 4.30 – 7.30 pm |sat 11.00 – 12.30 am/4.30 – 7.30 pm | closed on tuesday
    FOUNDED IN 1979
    DIRECTED BY Vanna Casati

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    The venue has been established in 1979 by the current director and till 1996 it was in Piazza Vecchia.
    The gallery presents mainly sculptors with exhibitions of Balderi, Benevelli, Capello, Consagra, Giò Pomodoro, graphics by Chillida, and conceptual events, as Beuys exhibition’s in 1981. On this side there has always been an international glance, but on the other side there has always been a great attention to the local background and to the abstract style artists from the young Nico Pievani, Mariella Bettineschi, Enrico Prometti, Marco Fabbri, Letizia Minotti, to the older Rino Carrara and Alfa Pietta. In 1996 the gallery turned to a larger space and focused on the researches of young artists on the issues of installation, video and photography, alternating local and wider experiences.

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