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    TB Educational
    TB Educational
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    The Blank Educational comes from the desire to stimulate the approach of a very young audience to the world of Contemporary Art, through the collaboration with some High Schools and various artists.

    With the contribution of Fondazione Credito Bergamasco and Regione Lombardia.
    In partnership with the Province of Bergamo.

    Talk with the artists | I Edition
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    In the first meeting students have been guided to analize the transition from the canonical languages of Art to the experimental and contemporay ones.

    During the second appointment, the dialogue between students and one of the artists selected by The Blank has developed a narration of Contemporary Art from an alternative point of view, other than the one proposed by textbooks.

    Thirteen artists collaborated in the first edition of the project: Cinzia Benigni, Filippo Berta, Mariella Bettineschi, Emma Ciceri, Giovanni De Lazzari, Christian Fogarolli, Oscar Giaconia, Daniele Maffeis, Ornaghi e Prestinari, Franscesco Pedrini, Maria Francesca Tassi.

    SCHOOL DAY | ArtDate 2016

    The project ended with a guided visit to a selection of the exhibitions organized for ArtDate – La Città dei destini incrociati. Each class, through three different itineraries, was accompanied by a guide of The Blank to know the places and the protagonists of Contemporary Art in Bergamo.

    ©THE BLANK 2016
    Talk with the artists | I Edition