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    bergamo film meeting
    [ == BERGAMO === FILM == MEETING ==]

    Via Pignolo, 123, Bergamo

    Tel. +39 035 363087

    Fax +39 035 341255



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    Bergamo Film Meeting is a cultural association that, since 1983, organizes the eponymous event: a film festival during which films of national and international cinema are shown, a competition of featured films is organized as well as retrospectives, premieres, tributes to great authors, documentaries, recent works, unpublished works by emerging authors, masterpieces of the history of cinema, exhibitions, installations, showings for schools, animated films, workshops, master classes and meetings with authors.
    Bergamo Film Meeting promotes the distribution of films and documentaries of national and international production within the Italian cultural circuit. It supports the diffusion of restored copies of classics of film history and organizes film festivals, events, courses, workshops and publications throughout the year.

    [= BERGAMO ===== FILM = MEETING === 2016 =]


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    The Blank, during Bergamo Film Meeting 2016, presents:

    Books on Shelves and Without Letters – Deimantas Narkevičius | 4th – 31th March 2016

    Presentation of the environmental video installation Books on Shelves and Without Letters, by the Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevičius.
    The concert of the young band Without Letters in a second hand book shop in Vilnius blends the mythical reality of music with different stories that live in the books on shelves.

    Retrospective- Keren Cytter | 5th – 31th March 2016

    Keren Cytter’s films destroy modern principles of cinema, searching for a balance between performance and theater. The artist plays with real notions and fiction, involving non-professional actors and cameramen. Her filmic representation adds a surrealist touch to existential concerns such as love, hatred and the human condition giving both a dark and comic reflection of the contemporary society.
    Israeli artist’s retrospective is projected in the Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà.

    Duration: 9’19”

    Experimental Film
    Duration: 6’01”

    Rose Garden
    Duration: 8’55”

    Duration: 8’00”

    Duration: 14’35”

    Les ruissellements du diable
    Duration: 10’46”

    [=== NOESIS ==]

    Via Lussana, 2, Bergamo



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    Noesis is a cultural non-profit organization committed to promote the knowledge of philosophic disciples. For the past twenty-three, it has promoted some of the most significant cultural events occurred in Bergamo. Over time conferences had been organized with prominent names of the Italian and European cultural landscape, such as Massimo Cacciari, Emanuele Severino, Carlo Sini, Giovanni Reale and Vito Mancuso.
    Every year it schedules a series of meetings between November and March, for a total of about twenty events aimed to promote philosophical debate and cultural enrichment.
    There shall be an annual theme, around which the invited speakers develop their interventions.
    The philosophy is treated in all its aspects, touching social, aesthetic, theoretical, psychological, artistic, medical and biological themes, of communication and language.
    The conferences, organized in key cultural places of the city, such as Social Theatre, John XXIII Congress Centre, Auditorium L. Mascheroni, Auditorium Modernissimo Nembro, record a total of about five thousand visitors, bringing together fans of Philosophy, people of all ages curious to deepen this extraordinary material, creating a unique circuit around the discipline that, in the etymology, “loves the wisdom.”

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