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    [== ALT ======= CONTEMPORARY === ART ==]

    Via Gerolamo Acerbis, 14 24022 Alzano Lombardo (BG)
    ph. +39 035 4536730
    by appointment
    FOUNDED IN 2009
    DIRECTED BY Tullio Leggeri, Elena Matous Radici
    HOW TO FIND US From railway station take the tram delle valli line T1, Alzano Sopra.

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    ALT is the acronym of Arte (art), Lavoro (work), Territorio (territory). It is a declaration of intents as well as an invitation to stop for a while in the spaces of the new Italian center of contemporary art both to reflect on art and look at the future.
    What exactly is it?
    An incubator and a display of the excellent energies of local creativity and access to International artistic research. Above all, it is a tool for the experimentation of contemporary art as a way of understanding and interpreting better the moment we are living.
    ALT is much more than just a showcase of an original collection.
    Thanks to the information and research which accompany the collection, it is a useful instrument for the territory in a philosophy of art which is neither exclusive nor elitist, as for its objective to make the society participate in the contemporary displays of artistic research. ALT is not a museum. It is an experimental space which seeks new approaches to involve the public.

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